CUB’s Buses Put Students on the Road to Success


CUB’s Bus Rides Make All The Difference

Noah represents hundreds of children in our community who live in poverty.

“I love my son. I would give him the world if I could. When he goes to school, I know he’s safe and he’s learning. I know he gets a good meal and I know that if he keeps going to school every day, he can have a better life. Without CUB providing a school bus for Noah to ride, he could not attend school.”

Cincinnati Union Bethel prepares at-risk children for kindergarten

Children who have attended preschool go on to show positive effects such as:

  • Higher education rates
  • Reduced teen pregnancy
  • Higher years of education completed
  • Reduced crime statistics

Attendance Means Success

There are so many factors that affect a child’s ability to get to school. Children of single-parents living in poverty have it the worst. Unreliable transportation, unsafe neighborhoods, the stressors of multiple children, bills, public transportation costs, extreme weather conditions and lack of family support are just a few of the obstacles that can make it difficult, if not impossible to get a child to school. We know that attendance is the single most important factor in student achievement. If they don’t make it to school, chances are they don’t make it in life. Let’s MOVE THAT BUS!

Move That Bus for…

  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Reading Readiness by Third Grade
  • Health/Nutritious Meals
  • Medical Assessments/Health Screenings
  • Family Support
  • Parent Engagement
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Individual Support
  • Quality Education
  • Academic Success
  • Social/Emotional Success
  • Physical Success
  • Wrap-around Services
  • Future Stability
  • Brighter Futures